I’ve made this website for my own enjoyment and in response to friends who have asked me to send them pictures of particular photographic projects. This site shows only the more unique ideas, my favorites, as they may inspire others to use their own photo collections  in a new way.

At the pond where we live and on our annual trips to East Africa, we have taken more than a hundred thousand photographs of the outdoors, collecting split seconds of experience to hold time still in digital files. On-line printing of both books and fabrics is bringing the images back to life.

On these pages you will find links to both Spoonflower.com where the fabric I’ve made is available and to Blurb.com where you can see all the pages and pictures in the books I’ve self-published. If you buy a  book, the price is the same as the cost would be for me.  A yard of fabric purchased gives me 10% of the cost in “Spoondollars” that I can spend on more fabric. This website is designed for the fun of sharing, not for profit.

If you have any specific questions or ideas, you can contact me at l.kirshner@comcast.net

–  Lucy Kirshner