Coyotes 11-26-14

wmcoyote dsb wmfemale coy frontwmfemale coy behindStarting with Halloween night we noticed coyotes – more than one – yipping and howling in the darkness. The night camera caught them traipsing back and forth from evening until dawn. Two animals were easy to distinguish in the nighttime photographs, a very large male with dark fur, a black line between the eyes, a prominent black spot on his tail and black splotches at the base of his legs, along with a smaller, lighter furred companion, we presume a female.

One night coyote howls were close, and more insistent than usual.  In the morning we saw, with binoculars, a carcass on the far southwest shore of the pond. Closer inspection revealed a kill site, a young deer disemboweled and half eaten. That same morning we found a large patch of ground at the north end of the pond, covered with deer hair – maybe from the tail or belly of a deer.