Fishers acting crazy 8 – 14 – 2015

It was a rainy night and photos are blurry but both cameras had images of two fishers together.  We suspect it is a mother and kit for we read that mating occurs shortly after birth in the spring and kits stay with the mother until late summer.  Here we are at late summer.

It appeared that the fishers spent a lot of time climbing the tree that one camera is tied to.  There were many confused, photos and the camera was askew in the morning. Most of the photos showed them coming and going on the bog walk though one series showed a fisher look under the dock, crouch, and leap to cling onto the statue that is at the size of the bog walk. I wish our images were more clear and so the statue would be visible as well as the clinging,  but these pictures did excite the imagination.

fisher ready to jump  fisher leaps to statue  fisher on statue

2 fisher rec 8-14