Travel Pillows

African animals to sleep with

lion square

One side of the pillowcase shows the animal asleep, but flip it over and the animal is awake! All pillowcases are made of 100% cotton sateen. Travel size pillowcase = 13” x 18 “ for a 12” x 16” pillow

Whenever I see a sleeping animal on safari I am tempted to make a travel pillow. Below are thumbnails of some other animal pillowcases I’ve made.

Yards of the fabric to make these pillows are available for purchase on One yard of cotton sateen is marked into three small pillowcases for easy sewing. There are many YouTube sites with good directions for making simple roll-up pillowcases.

For any further information about sewing the pillowcases or to see zebras, red-billed teal, rhinos or spoonbill pillow cases contact me at

To view all the pillows use the slideshow below

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