Outside In

Sample abstract Patterns

Some of my favorite fabrics are abstract outdoor patterns that I can live with indoors.

After I’ve purchased and tested each fabric pattern I will link the image to a Spoonflower.com page where you are welcome to purchase it by the yard in their wide selection of fabrics.

wasp yard oakleaves 2234499_sticks_right 2231068_rsummer_trees 1849025_rfoursquare_branchesB 2176941_rstones_four 2385494_mussels_bright 3626580_fall_birch round tablecloth150 fixed  birch  lupine first try 2340293_rwinkleslavender


Acorn Drop in Water for a Tablecloth

I dropped an acorn into the pond and this tablecloth captures the concentric waves forever.  The napkins are images of pond inhabitants who surf the waves as the table is set.


hwoodduck hcanadagoose hotterhoodie with chickshlilyhfroghdragonflyHturthle

A Twinkle of Periwinkles

Perhaps I have the most fun using natural patterns for clothing for grandchildren:

twinkle pic2340293_rwinkleslavender

Oak Leaf Skirt

This skirt reminds me of the wonderful color of oak leaves in November.


oak square oakleaves


A fabric designed by paper wasps

The wasps didn’t weave the pattern, but they designed the basic block.

wasp square wasp yard



                                                   Fabrics fore a wonderful wedding

The trees birds, flowers and butterflies that we love at the pond covered outfits for the bride, the groom and the flower girl.

web three outfits


The groom wore a birch bark shirt, trimmed with strands of grape leaves.

webclose up of groom


The bride’s dress, with an echo of the birch bark featured birds on the front and the back and included a wrap colored with the grape leaves.

web wedding wrap  web wedding dress back

web wedding dress front

And the flower girl, who loves bugs as well as pretty dresses, wore butterflies and a hidden chipmunk.

web ez dress back web ez dreess front