Pond Books

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Mystery of the Acorn Thief  was the first in a series of books co-written by Tamias Striatus, a chipmunk who lives under a stone wall that surrounds our garden.

Each book in the series addresses a common confusion about science, and in particular about how the natural world at the pond has evolved.  This one recognizes that even if we don’t solve a mystery we can learn from thinking about possible solutions.


In the second book of the series, Bothered by Brothers  Tamias is called in to settle an argument between two squirrel brothers, each brother insisting that he is “the best.” A hungry owl helps answer the question.


In the third book, Lost, Tamias is persuaded by a monarch butterfly and by a hummingbird to migrate. She doesn’t know where to go or how to get there, however, and in her confusion she wonders what migration is all about.


In the fourth book, Awake all Night, Sylvia a rabbit tells Tamias that it is safer and more fun to be awake in the night and invites her to spend the night experiencing the differences. This is a wild adventure for the little chipmunk who lacks several special adaptations of the nighttime animals.


In this book called Is This Real , the final book of this series, Tamias makes a human friend she names Happiness. Together they explore the challenges of living in a territory with all sorts of other animals.