African Books

Teeth on Safari  This is a silly book of rhymes and photos of twenty different African animals who have remarkable teeth.  It is dedicated to our dentist who has joined us on many safaris.

xfood is life This book recognizes the influence of one fabulous meal, describing the impact of the nutrients from the garden, through the kitchen, enjoyed by the celebrating birthday party and finally into the compost pile where night photos show many animals that partake.

xhidden in plain sight  This book describes the real life “Where’s Waldo” that we experience on each safari. We are often startled by animals so well camouflaged that we can miss them even when they are right in front of us.

Next Generation  This book features many of the babies we see with their parents when we are on safaris. Watching  babies and their adult companions provides entertainment as well as insight into all animal (including human animal) behavior.

xbirds  This coloring book is helpful for bird enthusiasts who are new to the families of birds in East Africa. Photos of several species of birds in each family are available surrounding an outline of a bird to be colored in by the observer.

simama   Sometimes features in a landscape fool us. Shapes and colors conspire with wishful imagination to transform stumps, rocks and termite mounds into the animals we are searching for. What they have found, however, is that while they may not see what they thought they saw, they did see something that was worth looking at!

xkwanini  “Kwa nini?” is the Swahili word for “Why?” This book, written to read to young children, encourages asking good questions, in particular “why?” questions that compare a human child to other animals. It is written in both English and Swahili.  This book was published on and clicking on the image should allow you to read this book in its entirety.

xsafarinjema  This book written for those on – or about to go on – a safari is illustrated with photos of what they will surely see, encouraging us all to observe and wonder about our observations.  This boo was published on and clicking on the image should allow you to read this book in its entirety.

xlions  xelephant  xbaboon  xgiraffe  xzebra  Each of these five books imagines what it would be like to live with one of the beloved African animals for a day or two. We have given the books to young friends along with a mask made from a photo.  These books were inspired by my niece’s young son whose imagination could easily take him into the body of a lion.