To make these scarves I purchase one yard of silk crepe de chine (36″ x 54″) from and hem it by hand with a rolled-hem stitch. (There are Youtube videos that demonstrate the rolled hem, and it is quick and simple.)

African Images

Every year I take these images back to Tanzania where I first captured them, wearing these scarves every day throughout the visit. They are large (36” x 54”), soft (silk crepe de chine), and colorful. They serve to keep off both the sun and the dust.

 new Zebra  zeeb close    Zebra Scarf  [ZOOM]

bright red lions nextlion scarf close 1  Lion Scarf  [ZOOM]

giraffescarf2 giraffeclose 1  Giraffe scarf  [ZOOM]

ele scarf ele close  Elephant Scarf  [ZOOM]

impala scarf1  impalaclose  Impala Scarf  [ZOOM]

web migration spoonflower        Migration Scarf           [ZOOM]

Fruit Images

2252496_blueberry_scarf  Blueberries [ZOOM]

3square apples  apple bag spoonflower  Apples

first try lemon  Lemons


peach blossom  peach blossom